What does a portrait involve?

A portrait will usually require about 3 days sitting - slightly more for bigger or more complex pirctures. A day's sitting starts at 9.30am and continues with regular breaks and a lunch break until about 4pm.
I have a purpose built studio in Scotland and have access to a studio in London but can easily travel to those living elsewhere provided the light is alright.

What does a House painting involve?

I travel to the house and spend a day carefully observing it in different lights and photographing it. Due to the vagaries of the british climate and the length of time each picture takes, I paint the picture back in my studio, much like artists used to do before the Impressionists.

Where can I buy one of your Wildlife pictures?

Sadly I do not have the time to paint enough pictures for a wildlife exhibition at the moment but if there is a subject that you would be interested in having painted, do give me a call.

What other types of paintings do you do?

I very much enjoy painting still lifes and conversation pieces. I also do copies of paintings, particularly family portraits and have even done copies of my own portraits for different destinations. I have recently started painting "biography "paintings which show the sitter surrounded by objects associated with their life.

How much do they cost?

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the commision but as a rough guide a head and shoulders portrait usually measuring about 24" x 30" costs £6000; a three quarter length costs from £10,000 and will vary depending on the background and a house painting measuring 30" x 40", costs £7000 or a more complicated aerial one measuring 60" x40" might cost £15000. If I have to travel very far and often, there will be a charge for travel.